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What is Software? Definition, Types and Examples. Almost everyone has some knowledge about what software is and what the types of software are. At present we are dealing with smartphones, laptops and desktop PCs. And in this case, we are using different types of software and applications every day.

So, we all have general knowledge about the software. But when asked about the technical definition of software, we have no answer. Because, technically what software is and its exact definition, many of you may not know. So in today’s article, I will tell you all about “computer software”.

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I will tell you what software is technical, what are the different types of software and how to make software. A computer is a type of electronic device that processes and performs a variety of operations simultaneously. And, in order to perform different tasks on a computer, different types of physical hardware are required, which can be seen with the eyes and can also be touched with the hands.

And, the programs and commands that run this hardware are called “software”. You are currently reading this article through software. And, its name is “web browser”.

A web browser is application software that is used to “browse the Internet” on computer devices. A computer can only work fully when all kinds of emergency software and hardware are connected.

And so, there must be software programs on any kind of computer device, such as smartphone, laptop, desktop PC, Tab, etc. Different hardware requires different software.

So let’s go,

Below you will find important information about what computer software is, and its different types.

What is software?

Definition of software:

Computer software” or “software” is a collection of some data and computer instructions, which as a program instructs the computer to do any work.

A computer software instructs him on what the computer will do and how it will work. The software can be called a combination and organization of certain instructions, which are programmed by a computer to perform a particular task. As a result, through these instructions and programs in the software, the various functions of the computer can be processed by controlling the different hardware of the computer device.

For example, Writing something in Ms-word, editing photos in Photoshop, using the internet in Google chrome or watching videos in KM player, in each case, these different software points to different hardware of the computer and as such instructions we get the output from the computer.

And, some popular software examples, are Google Chrome, VLC media player, Photoshop, MS-office, Microsoft edge, etc. Then I hope you understand “what software means”.

Why can’t the software be seen or touched?

We will never be able to see or touch any kind of software. Because any software is a program made with different code and computer language. And, all of these programs have no physical appearance or physical shape. And, things that have no physical structure and shape cannot be seen and touched.

However, the computer language or codes that have been used to create software can be seen with the help of some special programs. Otherwise, it would never have been possible to create a software program.

However, without these software programs, we will never be able to control and use our computer devices. Thus, after installing the software on the computer device, we can see the user interface (UI). However, looking at software and just looking at its UI are two completely different things.

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Definition of software

Describing software is a complex issue. Because software physical like computer hardware cannot be seen and felt. So, the software is completely “virtual”. Software is a general term that describes various computer programs.

Software programs, applications, scripts, codes, instructions, etc. Every word is related to the subject of software. So, if you are installing a computer application or program on your computer, then it means installing software.

Now simply put, Software is a line of coding that is written by a “programmer” through certain “programming languages”. And these coding and scripts are made (assembled) together and converted into a “computer program”. Those programs are called “software”.

Each software is stored on your computer as a binary data storage device when it is installed on your computer.

These binary data and codes, as a program, instruct the computer to perform certain tasks from time to time according to your needs and usage. So, the definition of software can be given as,

Binary data, computer language or scripts are created together with instructions and computer programs are called software.

And, these programs or software make a computer usable.

What is a programming language?

Programming language is some computer language or language that is made up of some instructions (instructions) created. And, through these instructions, we get different types of output on the computer.

Simply put, programming languages are some of the computer languages through which various computer applications and software are created. There are different types of “binary data”, “scripts”, “rules” and “keywords”.

All of these “codes” and “scripts” are used to write programs that are easily understood by a computer and perform certain tasks. So, the software is created using programming languages. Now if you want to know some examples of programming language, then C ++, Java, PHP, MySQL, .NET etc. can be taken as examples.

Types of software

That’s how different software is made for our work. And, so that we can easily do different things, there are different software for different subjects. Every day we wake up and use different software on our mobile or computer. Examples, WhatsApp, Facebook app, Instagram, various photo editing tools etc.

And, now you are using software to read my article. That is, “web browser”. So, there are different types of software for different tasks.

There are basically two types of software

  • System software
  • Application software

What is system software?

System software is a basic computer program that creates an interface between computer hardware and the user. Now maybe you can speak and understand different languages. For example, Hindi, English, Bengali etc.

However, your computer machine does not understand this type of language. The computer system understands only one language which is “binary language” or “binary codes”. Now, if I am speaking or writing in English but my computer machine does not understand that language, what can be done?

In this case, an interface will be required. Through the interface, we can convert the instructions given in our language to the language understood by the computer machine. As a result, a computer can work by understanding our instructions in English.

Special work on system software

  • System software controls the various hardware parts of a computer.
  • Provide general functionality of the computer.
  • An operating system is the most important system software, which must be installed on the computer first. Without an operating system, your computer can’t do anything else.
  • Language processing requires system software. We convert the instructions in plain English into machine-understood language.
  • Working as an interface between user application software and hardware.

This system software is controlling all the other applications that we install on our computer. And, if the computer does not have this system software, then you can not run any other applications.

Whenever a new computer is purchased, emergency system software such as operating system (OS), language translator, etc. is installed. And, through this system software, a connection or level can be created between computer hardware and user application.

Some examples of system software

Below are some examples of system software.

  • Windows OS (Windows 8, 7, 10, 11)
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • Anti virus (avast, quick heal, Kaspersky)
  • Computer language translators
  • Linux OS
  • Game engines
  • Disk cleaner
  • Disk compression
  • Backup utility software
  • Network management software

What is application software?

Software that is created only for a specific type of specific and single work, is called application software. In general, it can be called a program or collection of programs, which is used by the end-user. In other words, every software that is neither a “system software” nor a “programming software” is application software. Simply put, these can be called applications or apps.

Some of the most widely used application software are:

  • Word processing software ( MS-word )
  • Spreadsheet (MS-excel)
  • Database management
  • Multimedia tools ( Video & audio player )
  • Internet browser (Google chrome)

For example, Suppose you have installed “MS-word” on your computer to do something related to the text. In this case, MS-word will be an “application software”.

Because using MS-word software, you can only do a special kind of work which is “text editing”. So, what is application software, how can the simple and straightforward answer be given, “Software that is used on a computer for a specific purpose is called application software.”

Application software is created for the benefit of users like me and you, which will only do a certain job.

Examples of application software

  • MS office (excel, PowerPoint, word)
  • Internet browser (Firefox, safari, chrome)
  • Media player ( real player, KM player, Gom player)
  • Paint
  • Photoshop

Software designed to do these special things is called “application software”.

How to create software?

Computer software is made up of different numbers 0 and 1. These numbers are called “binary codes”. And, a computer system can only understand the instructions created with these binary codes. Moreover, developers create software using different programming languages.

People who create software using different programming languages are called “software developers” or “programmers”. As such, it is very difficult to understand binary codes easily.

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And so, using various modern programming languages such as C, C ++, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, SQL, PHP, etc., the source code and scripts of the various instructions for creating software are created.

And, scripts and source codes of various instructions of this kind are turned into software. As I said before, every computer software helps you to do certain things by instructing your computer.

Which may be photo editing through computer software or using the Internet on a computer. Each is, through some scripts and source code, some instructions given to the computer. As a result, computers can do this.

To create software, you must take a special software development course. So, you understand the issue of “how to make software”.

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