If you want to be an Entrepreneur, what to do if your pocket is empty?

If you want to be an Entrepreneur, what to do if your pocket is empty - Fooxz

If you want to be an Entrepreneur, what to do if your pocket is empty? Empty your own pocket? Does it really cost a lot of money to be an entrepreneur? How much money can a successful entrepreneur? In fact, you can’t be an entrepreneur if you have money. To be an entrepreneur, you need intellectual knowledge and skills.

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What is entrepreneurship?

Let’s come to what the entrepreneur and who says? Are you upset to see so many questions at the beginning? Look at this, I asked a question again.

Although the word entrepreneur is familiar to all of us, many of us do not understand the meaning and importance of this word. Many people think that entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs, it is a completely wrong idea. Remember

All entrepreneurs are businessmen but not all businessmen are entrepreneurs.

So let’s come to what the businessman says? Those who run the business of the former men in the lineage and start the usual or conventional profitable business with much more capital are basically called businessmen. Remember

It takes a lot of capital to do business but to be an entrepreneur you need talent, hard work, intelligence and indomitable willpower.

Example- If I say you will be given 50 thousand takas you will be a big businessman with it. Then you will say that you can do business with less money but you cannot be a big businessman. Now if you are paid BDT 10 lakh, you will start a business by opening a shop in the area, right?

Suppose you set up a grocery store in the area. If you have an average profit of BDT 50,000 per month, it will be BDT 12 lakh in two years. You can’t be a big businessman like this. That means to be a big businessman you have to invest a lot more money and do big business.

But if you have talent, labour, intellect, indomitable willpower and realistic ideas, then you can be an entrepreneur, that is, you can be a big businessman. But how?

I assume you don’t have much capital but you will be an entrepreneur or a big businessman. Then you have to come up with a realistic idea/intellect and with it indomitable willpower because you have to work hard and be patient at first.

Let’s start a business. First, you have to buy pepper, turmeric, and spices from the open market of the area or from places where these are produced more and the prices are lower. This time you will grind pepper, turmeric and spices in a local machine and pack it in a beautifully designed packet leaving 2 workers at home. Then if you go to different shops in the local market and describe the quality of your product, you will see that the demand for your product will be created. Because you can tell the shop owner with 100% confidence that your product is not adulterated and you can sell in the store with less than other company’s products. Because like other companies you don’t have advertising costs.

Remember, advertising costs several times more than the production cost of a company’s product. The quality and price of your product will be lower so the demand for your product will gradually increase. In this way, after the local market, the surrounding market and then your own Upazila, then you can market your product at the district level. In this way, in 2 years you will be able to expand your business all over Bangladesh and create employment by hiring a lot of manpower and seeing yourself as a successful businessman.

What are you thinking? Will you start the idea and become successful? Many have already established themselves by using this idea. This means that the idea is now old or conventional. Even 10 years ago, we did not imagine that pepper and turmeric would be packaged, but now you will see that there are packaged pepper and turmeric from different companies in the market. So it can be said that 10 years ago today, anyone first started this different idea.

You may be wondering, is it a different idea to market open pepper and yellow packaging? Those who first marketed this idea or packaged pepper and turmeric are now successful traders. Their investment was low but success was high.

Remember, obstacles will always be there. But we have to move forward with courage. It is possible to be successful as an entrepreneur if you have a tendency to stick. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. There are many business opportunities. They have to be used. If you want, you can start small and grow big. It is not a matter of growing up if you can move forward with the challenge.

From a young age, I used to try to do any work differently. I have always adhered to two things in my life. If you want to grow up, you have to know how to dream, but not all dreams will come true. If only 70-80% of dreams come true, then people’s lives will change. The second is that it does not take capital to do business – it takes dreams and courage.

I am the big proof of that. When I started the business, I had no capital other than courage, honesty and hard work mentality. Today I was able to establish Chandmama only because of the habit of dreaming. Stories of my childhood, adolescence and youth are as common as ten. A child of a middle-class family, as a result, I dreamed of doing something on my own from a young age, not to be rich but to be a successful person.

What do I mean by a successful person here? Think about it, why should I be rich? Because if you are rich, you can live a good life. I think you are rich but due to the unemployment problem in the country, the youth are drowning in despair and addicted to various crimes like drug addiction, terrorism, murder, rape, extortion, hijacking etc. will make a beautiful society uninhabitable. As a result, even if you become rich, you will not be able to live in peace and well.

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Let’s come now, what does it mean to be a successful person? When you succeed as an entrepreneur, you will be able to create many new jobs and the youth will be inspired to see you and build themselves as entrepreneurs. As a result, employment in the country will increase and peace and order will be restored in the society through the elimination of the unemployment problem and the country and nation will improve along with increasing the standard of living of all. Success means being able to contribute to the development of the country or society as well as oneself.

What is an entrepreneur?

Traders – In old or conventional businesses, small traders with less capital investment and big traders with more capital investment are called traders. Entrepreneur – More or less capital, however, to be a successful entrepreneur over time by combining realistic ideas with talent, labour, intellect and indomitable willpower is called an entrepreneur.

Differences between Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs run their businesses in the old or conventional way, so their progress is slow but entrepreneurs apply new methods or ideas to get more success easily and in less time by adopting new or conventional business to reality. Even if you see less profit, you can achieve more in less time. The biggest thing is that the success of entrepreneurs is one-way and limited while the ladder of success of entrepreneurs is multifaceted and infinite. Therefore, it is better to be an entrepreneur than a businessman.

I’ve been talking about business and entrepreneurs for a long time, so everyone will agree with me first, because investment in our country is very low and it’s hard to get investment, so to do business you have to do business with less investment as your situation changes. Employment can be created.

There are some businesses with which you can do well but the situation will not change and there are some businesses that can change your situation over time even if you have difficulty in the beginning.

The first type of business will require more capital and the chances of loss are less the second type of business will have less capital but the chances of loss will be higher and the chances of success will be higher. Remember to get something big you have to give up something small.

If you ask anyone, they will tell you that it is better to do 1st type of business because it is much safer, but if you ask young people with an entrepreneurial attitude, they will like 2nd type of business.

Remember that if you want to get something good, the amount of loss is more. If the issue of this loss was on the minds of language soldiers and freedom fighters, we would not be able to speak Bengali today and would not be citizens of an independent country. Those who risked their lives in the language movement and the liberation war gave their lives for greater gain or success without thinking of loss and they wanted to change because we are the people of an independent country.

Although most people in the world consider the traditional rules as simple rules or are afraid to change, over the ages we have seen young entrepreneurs breaking the old rules and bringing positive changes or benefits through the new rules again and again. The world is changing so change should be welcomed, are you thinking right or wrong? If you can’t accept change then why are you using information technology to benefit from the change? And if we did not accept change, we would have remained in the primitive age, the present modern age would have been unimaginable to us.

After such a long discussion, many people will say that it takes capital to do business, you don’t have capital so you can’t do business even if you want to.

OK, I agree, there is an argument in your words. So my question to you is why are you studying? The answer is to get a job. If everyone is an entrepreneur, where will the entrepreneurs get employees for the organization? OK, I agree you will get the job.

But if everyone works, then who will be an entrepreneur? And if there is no entrepreneur, then there will be no organization. If there is no organization, where will you work? Everyone knows that not everyone in this world will be a doctor, not everyone will be an engineer, not everyone will be an entrepreneur or everyone will be an employee. But how will you overcome the current unemployment problem if I am not an entrepreneur? Say it is the responsibility of the government.

It is never possible for the government alone to create so many jobs. And so the problem of unemployment will continue to grow day by day and the young society of the country with a good degree will be frustrated to hear about the lack of jobs, will one day end their life by committing suicide or will he return to the peace and order of the country through terrorism, drugs or black market?

Yes, I am saying again that the unemployed people will bring back peace to the country. Even then, if you don’t have common sense, I would say it’s okay to spend the rest of your life as a digital slave. The unemployment rate on the shoulders of our country is increasing every year. The government is not able to create opportunities for them. And we can’t change our own humanity. Let’s find out the reason behind this.

Entrepreneurial qualities!

The British taught us a lot but we still don’t feel it today. The prosperous British did their business by handing over a cup of tea to the Bengalis. They also forced the Bengal farmers to cultivate indigo and put an end to the prosperous business of the muslin artisans. Although the British themselves were at the peak of their business success, they instilled slavery in the minds of the people of Bengal. They have inculcated in the minds of Bengalis very well that there is respect and certainty in the job.

And even today we have not been able to break that chain. So I am stuck in the job of a servant bhobi, whose melodious pronunciation. You have to get yourself out of that circle. You have to establish your own identity. You have to combine hard work and talent from student life.

You know the most important quote in student life. Time and currents do not wait for anyone. So why can’t you do business as a student? How many years do you think you will fall behind in your life by the time you finish your studies and then start a business? By the time you finish your studies, you can be established in your business life.

Ways to be an entrepreneur?

You first decide whether you will be an educated servant at the end of your education or will you be the boss of educated servants yourself? You study, what kind of business do you do besides studying? How to manage time to study and do business? How much support will you get from your family? How can education and business be done together?

Get out of this mess. Decide for yourself that you can do both. Use hard work and talent. Eat your head in shame and go to work. And save business income to make big investments in the future. Try to do something small. If you are thinking of growing up with shortcuts, skip it beforehand.

Want to be an entrepreneur?

You don’t have to be a very good student to be richer than Bill Gates. But patience will be needed. We have to find a way to get ahead from falling. Must know how to take advantage of opportunities. What does it matter to you to comment on your work? Before you are satisfied with what you will do. How many types of business people are doing? Don’t choose the one you like. Maybe it’s a mobile recharge business, a coaching centre, a nursery or a home-based business, raising chickens, quails, beef production or a dairy farm. You can also enjoy the taste of liberation by keeping pigeons by supporting yourself. Unemployment can be eliminated by a small handicraft or cottage shop or showpiece shop.

Those who love to deal with a little information technology can give a computer or mobile shop or servicing centre. Those who are creative, as well as fashion-conscious, should stay away from the fashion house or garments business. Most of the girls can also shop for their favourite food hotpot or fast-food shop. He sells biryani at noon in the office area but the income is not low.

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There are no opportunities for urban business in the village. Can you lease your own land or someone else’s land to cultivate vegetables? You can cultivate fish by cleaning the pond. You can be successful by doing any business selling crops in the market or market next to you. He is also a successful businessman by providing advanced technology services to the farmers.

There are so many types of business you can do without hesitation. You can create countless jobs. If you want, you can give a new look to the existing business or create a new business. Which will carry your name and bring a slavery-free identity. The identity of a successful entrepreneur. Where more than two million unemployed people in the country are bald at the door with despair. The servant whose melodious accent is the job.

When the British ruled us, it was very well ingrained in our minds that employment means security. The job is respect. Job means guaranteed income. And by using us at that time, the British expanded their business reign and influence. It has destroyed our rich muslin industry and forced indigo cultivation. He also explained very well how to achieve slavery by competing.

Entrepreneurial characteristics

I will do something myself, I will be an entrepreneur, I will be a businessman, I will be one of the richest, I will be Superman, I will be a superhero. Can you tell when you sent such childhood dreams to the grave? He saw the dreams of his childhood but could not nurture them. Seeing the uncertainty, he hides his face in the hole of the rat and says that the job is good. Salary after a month. To be an entrepreneur, trying to do something on your own has failed. And he could not come back and take the helm. Some have left the country and moved abroad in search of a job called security. Sometimes he gave himself up in the face of death or lost the last resource Vita Mati Tukuo fell into deception.

Why not take a risk? If life can be tasted at a risk, dreams can be made to shine and liberation from slavery is what is so feared. Why is it so difficult to understand that success will not come in one day as Rome was not made in one day? Be patient with the work of your choice. Don’t look at education as a tool to get a job, but as a tool to enrich yourself. Try to turn around once again to build yourself as an entrepreneur.

Use education for your own benefit rather than being an educated servant. You will be your own boss when you can use education to your advantage. And employment will be innumerable people in your organization. Conquer your inner fear. You will not see anything big until you can find certainty in uncertainty. If you want to do something big, you have to go against the current.

Apply the learned knowledge for yourself without eroding the soles of your shoes in anticipation of a job. You may be shocked to hear what your job has deprived you of. Jobs have strangled your creative ability. The dream of growing up has been shattered by leaving the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur among you at nine or five o’clock. Where you could be your own boss you have been made a servant of others. Has enslaved your inner ability to wake up. Your little one is dissatisfied with what his parents say.

It is natural that you will be deprived of the possibility of uncertainty if you are for something sure. Many people think that they will not work anymore. Now I will do something myself. But you can’t get out of that security circle. Again, many people say that at the end of my working life, starting with the pension money, I will become the best rich in a few days. But how far is their race? Thirty years of youth has taken the job from you. The company that hired you did not make a mistake in sucking any of your strength, ability, talent, or time. If he has paid you twenty thousand rupees, he has earned two lakh rupees with you.

Life is like running marbles with a spoon. If you run first but the marble falls from the spoon, your achievement is zero. You have to be free from slavery if you want to keep the excitement of life alive. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. What is needed is to kill the possibility for safety. Give it a try. Your efforts have left the door open to free you from slavery. It is very important to be a dreamer if you want to grow up in life.

Many may disagree with me. Even then, I would say that growing up with a father’s money is different from growing up with empty hands. He is the only one who knows how much better it is for a child from a lower or middle-class family to act out of the place of class division in society. Again they are drowning in the most frustration.

Those who are not born with a golden spoon in their mouth will not do much in life. Those who have grown up in life have worked towards their dreams. At the same time, success has been achieved in return for hard work and perseverance.

There is no such thing as having to be educated to be big in life. Many poorly educated students have also done great things in life. Because their dreams and confidence were beyond the sky. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs – these three have a great resemblance. Where do you know? All three are university drop-out students. Zuckerberg also has a bachelor’s degree, while the other two do not. Behind the success of each of them was the dream of growing up in life.

Andrew Carnegie was the son of a poor family. He worked on a farm. And from there he went on to become one of the richest men in America.

In his early life, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt worked as a hotel boy in a restaurant called ‘El Pallo Loso’ in a rooster dress.

As a child, Thomas Elva Edison was called a fool as well as an ass. He was not very good at studying. Yet he managed to become a world-renowned scientist.

The wonderful footballer “Messi” once worked in a tea shop to pay for his football training.

Many people know the history of success of these people but everyone thinks that these are just stories of inspiration. Which is just good to read but not possible to use in your own life. Many would say that then there were opportunities and less competition so they were successful but nowadays such success is not seen. If you and I keep saying the same thing, who will succeed now?

Get started today and you will see others reading your success story after 10-15 years. As Mark Zuckerberg started in 2004, and in just 12 years, he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world today. When the mobile was not invented, if you said to carry the wireless telephone in your pocket, then you are crazy and now you are crazy if you do not use a mobile.

13 years ago today, if you told someone that if there was social media, everyone would use it, they would call you crazy, but now if you say you don’t use social media, they would call you crazy.

This means that if you tell someone a different idea today, they will call you crazy, but after 4-5 years, someone else will succeed and you will use it and if you don’t use it, you will be crazy. There are many examples in our society of people who could not eat three meals a day, did not study much but did not make a mistake in nurturing dreams in life.

Man is as big as his dream. But will that dream just happen? If you want to make your dream come true, you have to work hard. Must love work. Even if you fail, you have to try again and again to keep going.

It is not a dream that you see in your sleep, it is a dream that does not let you sleep at all.

APJ Abdul Kalam

We all want success. But what stage of life do you mean by success? What makes you feel successful? Most people consider success to be a huge amount of money and respect. But is it really something like that? Success is a journey that has a beginning but no end. Success comes again and again in people’s lives.

You were successful on the day you first learned to walk, you were successful on the day you first learned to ride a bicycle, you were successful on the day you were able to swim, you were successful on the day you got your first certificate by studying, thus you were successful on the day you started every job happily. So what is the reason for success to hit the head?

If you calculate in this way, you will see that the amount of success in your life is more than a few failures. Success in the true sense of the word is the happy moments in your life when you were able to do something new. Just as the boundaries of the sky and the vastness of the sea cannot be measured, so you cannot say at any stage of your life that I am successful. So in the journey of success, you will be as successful as you can be and you will be able to enjoy life.

The English word for Bengali impossible is impossible. This impossible word says I am possible. Let me explain a little bit. Say the first two letters of the word Impossible separately. See if I am possible. If so, you must believe that anything can be done by you. Because Impossible itself says I’m possible. I can. So why can’t you make the impossible possible?

You have to be positive. Remember that you are one of the self-confident people as well as a guide. Many will follow in the footsteps of the path that will bring you success today. So let failure come as a thousand, success comes after it.

Entrepreneur Development

Many of us meditate on the idea that economic and social success lies in the professions of doctor, engineer, or banker. But what about those who are working outside the profession? It has been inculcated in your mind since childhood that all these professions have the meaning of respect. That’s when you kill your inner sleeping talent. So how do you become an entrepreneur? Get out of the circle if you want to be an entrepreneur. Learn to deal with risk with your talent and courage.

Many of us have long since developed blind faith. Those who have studied the subject will work in that sector. Only those who have studied business will be entrepreneurs. And the boy or girl who has studied in the humanities is the highest ass.

Failed year after year. Students in this place are considered the worst in the world. But why this idea? Mark Zuckerberg, the worst student in the class, whose ideas have brought people from all over the world together. With his income now at that level, he is one of the top ten richest people in the world.

Einstein made the greatest contribution to science, whether he could remember his home name or address. If we look at the past of successful businessmen in our country, many of them have succeeded only through their own efforts. The decision is now up to you.

You can become a successful entrepreneur only if you use your creative vision, indomitable willpower, courageous initiative, hard work, honesty, and the mentality of perseverance.

You play a bold role in tackling the risk of innovation. Any new idea of yours can change not only your life but also the lifestyle of a nation. Learn to adapt to change. Because change is a normal process. The trend of change has enriched society and civilization. And by connecting yourself to this rich trend, you become the entrepreneur of the future.

My favorite quotes from talented and successful people

This quote is inspiring and dear to me. But his second other quote was ‘Job is digital slavery’.

Getting a job in our country is like a golden deer because there are very few job markets or institutions according to the population of our country. It is not possible for any government to solve the problem of unemployment unless private enterprises or new entrepreneurs come forward. And the biggest problem for a country is unemployment.

Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

Are all successful people in the world doctors and engineers? Or why do you have to do medicine after passing medicine? A doctor I know earns 7-8 lakh taka a month by doing photography. You like photography but if you study medicine you will never be a successful doctor. No matter where you study, your progress depends on yourself. Imagine your position, excluding those on whom you are dependent.

Did you buy the car you used to come to varsity with your own money? What’s the point of thinking about it?

One day you have to get down to reality. Then start doing all the things you need to do now. To grow up in life you have to read some good books, watch some good movies, listen to some good music, visit some good places, talk to some good people and do some good deeds.

One day when you have to face life, you will see the ground moving away from under your feet and the sky falling on your head. You have to give time for skill development. These do not happen overnight or overnight. And using these real experiences from my life, I came up with a realistic idea that is very easy to implement and the amount of success is infinite.

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