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Entrepreneurship vs Job. The only goal and purpose of educating today’s educated youth are to get a good job because we have been built from a young age to get a good job. And so we are competing among ourselves for jobs after graduation, this competition is being used by the privileged businessmen. This means that the current businessmen are using this opportunity of excessive unemployment as a slave to the employees.

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In other words, the owners of the organization are buying the employees in exchange for a small amount of money in the name of salary, which is why the employees are being treated like a kind of slaves. And even after being highly educated, it is not possible for me to accept being treated like a slave.

Since I don’t have a job, I have to be an entrepreneur and to be an entrepreneur means to give a job to someone or someone, am I an entrepreneur to enslave others? Of course not. We will give jobs but not slavery – I or we should move forward based on this statement. But how?

The future of this country is in the hands of the present youth. So we have to come forward and create employment as entrepreneurs so that the problem of unemployment will be alleviated and the development of the country will be accelerated.

Although the mentality of being an entrepreneur has been created among the youth of our country to keep pace with the present world, many are falling away due to a lack of a proper platform. Seeing this fall, a platform has been created for the youth of Bangladesh to become entrepreneurs name is “Chandmama”. Basically, the name Chandmama is a combination of many different and realistic ideas.

To establish this idea, Chandmama will take 1 lakh young entrepreneurs from all over the country and give them ownership without any investment. It has been said for so long that it does not take capital to be an entrepreneur, it takes intellect and indomitable willpower and Chandmama is a shining example of that.

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Let’s face it – I’ve been a good student since I was a kid, so my dad wanted me to be a doctor or an engineer. But as I got older, my desires began to change. The desire to see myself as an entrepreneur did not allow me to become a doctor or an engineer anymore. Because of this, my father was angry with me for a long time.

Despite the opportunity to get admission in private medical, I got admitted in the national university against my father’s reluctance. Although I didn’t like the job, I wanted to be an entrepreneur, so I found a part-time job to study as well as study, but I didn’t let anyone in the family know about the job. I got a job for a while and then I took the initiative to do some small business with some friends.

Although these small initiatives did not get good results in the beginning, I was stuck with a bookful dream, self-confidence, hard work and patience. As a result, the enterprises mature later.

I was the only student in the class to take the Honors 3rd-year exam with my own car. From then until today, I prefer to introduce myself as an entrepreneur rather than a businessman. There is only one reason to say this and that is that I do not like digital slavery.

Job means putting one’s life in the hands of others, I am not in favour of confining one’s life within certain walls by working 9-5 hours. We get a small salary only if we make the owner a few times more income than the salary by using our own talent and labour. But only by implementing our own initiatives with our own talents and labour can we see ourselves as successful so that we can give jobs to others ourselves. This will increase the number of young entrepreneurs in the country and solve the problem of unemployment.

Once my business suffered a small loss, my father said, I told you, what is the benefit of being an engineer now? In reply I said Dad is planning to run a hospital where many doctors will be employed (doctors were not told this in short).

We can only do better if we take the initiative to implement our unique business ideas. Because every human being has his / her own identity/ideas. Those who try to implement these ideas are entrepreneurs. Many people will talk about business capital, I mean for them, none of the successful people in this world today had enough capital. You can be successful only if your initiative, hard work, honesty and concentration are right. Some things work in this case.

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The matter of hard work comes first. Those who are ahead of you are more diligent than you. Accept it.

The joy of sleeping and the joy of seeing the dawn are not found together.

Just working hard is not everything. If that were the case, then rickshaw pullers would be the richest. It’s not just about working hard, it’s about getting rewards. It’s not just about working, it’s about loving work. You will never succeed in a job that you do not have a love for or that you cannot do from the heart.

I have seen two friends start working in the same post, two years later, one friend is the manager and two remain in the same post. Because the 2nd person thought the job was a burden and the 1st person loved the job from the heart. You have to spend a lot of time at work, everyone’s day is 24 hours. What you do extra will fix it, what extra you will get. If you can’t do something different, you won’t get something different.

Bill Gates didn’t become Bill Gates overnight. Steve Jobs or Zuckerberg can’t be just a varsity dropout. If you want to be a great person, you have to be prepared.

If you read Nazrul’s articles, you will understand how self-educated he was. Nazrul is not only employed in bread shops. Or you can’t become Rabindranath without going to school or college.

Don’t worry about who said what in student life. This means that there is no need to be a doctor to own a hospital. What no one has ever dreamed of now teaches thousands of people to dream. He who had no idea about his career or education, went to America to do his PhD first.

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The boy who failed all the tests is now a successful businessman. What you can and can’t do, don’t let anyone else fix it. Didn’t get a chance at public varsity? Studying in private? Or at the National University? Everyone is saying, is your life over? I say, hey! Your life has not started yet. How far will you go, who else to fix it? Is life theirs?

The people of our country have to overcome two obstacles to be successful, the first and the smallest because we ourselves have heard “no” from an early age and our self-confidence is very low so we accept that this work will not be done by me.

The second and biggest obstacle after overcoming this obstacle is our family, relatives, friends and acquaintances and loved ones around us. Whenever we plan to do something, someone will come and say that this job will not be given to us, you will not be able to do this job and you do not have the quality to do this job.

This barrier is very difficult to overcome, but if you ask why I can’t? Then you will not get any answer from them even if someone answers you will see how ridiculous that answer is. For example – you can’t because the son of such and such could not. Hey brother, there’s something you can’t say because you can’t?

From an early age, family and teachers all have the same thing, to be a doctor-engineer, but why?

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Arif Hossain
Arif Hossain is a Bangladeshi internet entrepreneur and the founder and (CEO) of TripDaw and Fooxz.

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