Hosting features:

* Packages: We have some different hosting package. You will be able to choose according to your needs. We have 1GB to 10GB hosting package. We have divided many hosting package for our clients needs.

* Disk space: We provide limited to unlimited disk space for our clients. You can choose hosting disk space according to your needs. We have divided hosting space differently every packages.

* Bandwidth: We have set up monthly bandwidth differently our every hosting packages. We set up monthly bandwidth every packages. Our clients can use his all monthly bandwidth in every month.

* Package Upgrade: If you need more hosting space and bandwidth, you can upgrade your package any time. If you cross your current package usages limitation, we provide next package upgrade by receiving next package less charges.

* 99.9% uptime: Our hosting server has strong uptime. We provide 99.9% guaranteed uptime for our clients. You can check our server uptime to take our service.

* Unlimited package: We provide unlimited usage hosting package for our clients. This package is really unlimited package. You will be able to use unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, unlimited email, unlimited domains etc. Only we provide unlimited hosting package in Bangladesh.

* Support: We have skilled support team for our clients. We provide instant customer support for any kind of problem. Our dedicated customer support team works 24 hours and 7 days a week for our clients support. Helpline Number: +88 01703-419108

* Web Design support: We are also a Web Design Company In Bangladesh. So we provide Web Design and development support for our clients.

For above features we are qualified to our valuable clients. We don’t compromise our quality for any situation.  We are popular and unique Domain hosting company in Bangladesh.



Thank you for choosing us.

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Saturday, January 9, 2021

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